Minutes 01 October 2018

Meeting of the Parish Council at 7:30PM on Monday 1st October 2018 at Wychbold Village Hall, School Road, Wychbold, WR9 7PU


Present: Alyson Keane (Chair), Doug Webb, Mike Jones, Sean Mulvey, Sue Howarth, Paul Brogan (from 19:34PM)
In attendance: David Hunter-Miller (Clerk), Hugh Hamilton (District Councillor), members of the public

1. Apologies for absence
It was noted that Jo Lammas, Suzanne Shinn, Adam Joynes and James Leah had resigned from the Council.

Apologies were received from Peter Tomlinson (County Councillor).

2. Co-option
It was noted that one application had been received from Paul Brogan and it was resolved to co-opt him onto the Council immediately. Paul Brogan joined the meeting from 19:34PM.

Further applications were welcomed and co-option would also be added to future agendas.

3. Declarations of interest
Sue Howarth declared a Disclosable Pecuniary Interest in item 11.1 – Allotments Working Group.

4. Dispensations
It was resolved to grant a dispensation to allow Sue Howarth to participate in discussions relating to item 11.1 – Allotments Working Group.

5. Open session
The meeting was adjourned for the open session.

1. To receive a report by the District Councillor
Hugh Hamilton provided a short update on the activities of Wychavon District Council. It was noted that the budget was in the process of being set and bin collection rounds were being reviewed.

2. To receive a report by the County Councillor
No report available.

3. To receive a report by the Police
The following Police report was circulated:
• Theft from a motor vehicle took place between 06/08/2018 19:30:00 and 07/08/2018 07:30:00 at TRAVELODGE DROITWICH, RASHWOOD HILL, A38, DROITWICH.
• Criminal Damage took place on 10/08/2018 23:30:00 at GOLF CLUB, FORD LANE, ELMBRIDGE, DROITWICH.
• Criminal Damage took place between 15/08/2018 00:01:00 and 16/08/2018 18:00:00 at BROOK MEADOW, WYCHBOLD, DROITWICH.
• Theft of a motor vehicle took place between 17/08/2018 10:00:00 and 17/08/2018 21:00:00 at DE WYCHE ROAD, WYCHBOLD, DROITWICH.
• Criminal Damage took place on 24/08/2018 00:00:00 at CHATEAU IMPNEY HOTEL, IMPNEY, DROITWICH.
• Theft took place between 27/08/2018 15:15:00 and 27/08/2018 15:55:00 at WEBBS OF WYCHBOLD, WORCESTER ROAD, WYCHBOLD, DROITWICH.

4. To receive a report by the Village Hall Committee
No report available.

5. Public participation
A member of the public gave a presentation on proposals for a nature nursery and requested use of the woodland on the playing field (agenda item 8.1). It was understood that the village hall would be booked to support the nature nursery. The Chair confirmed that S106 funding had been identified for possible improvements to the woodland and to allow the provision of a nature trail.

A member of the public provided an update on the proposed village fireworks event (agenda item 10.1). Sutcliffes Play was thanked for their funding contribution. A poster for the event was circulated.

Representatives of Chateau Impney Hotel spoke in respect of 18/01850/CU (agenda item 9.1). It was commented that the recent applications had been submitted to ensure the future financial viability of the hotel. It was confirmed that the plans made use of existing facilities and would not result in additional development of the greenbelt.

A member of the public spoke regarding the access onto the allotments as it was felt that this was difficult to use during wet weather.

A member of the public spoke regarding the proposed speed survey on the Worcester Road; it was confirmed that Worcestershire County Council were conducting the survey currently and that the results were expected mid-October.

A member of the public asked for progress on the Neighbourhood Development Plan; this would be added to the next agenda for further consideration.

A member of the public spoke regarding McDonalds restaurant as it was believed that they were obligated to undertake litter picks as part of recent planning permissions. The resident was advised to undertake further research with Wychavon District Council in the first instance.

A member of the public asked for an update on the signage for the new play area; it was confirmed that signs were on order.

The meeting resumed following the open session.

6. To consider and adopt the minutes from the Parish Council meeting on the 3rd September 2018.
It was resolved to adopt the minutes as a true record and these were signed by the Chair.

7. Progress reports

1. Dog fouling bins and signs
Signs would be ordered for St Richard’s Road and De Wyche Close. Mainstay had been approached over permission to install additional signs at Squashberries Close and Pigeon House Close.

Arrangements would be made to swap the bin on the playing field with the bin on St Richard’s Close as it was quieter in operation.

2. Fiona’s Orchard
This project would be reviewed further following completion of the S106 playing field improvement work.

8. Correspondence

1. Mini Explorers Nature Nursery
A request to use the wooded area of the playing field for a nature nursery was considered. It was resolved to request the following further information:
• How many cars were expected to use the car park
• Which part of the wood would be used
• Would rent be paid
• Do they operate under a formal contract at their current site
• Who would pay for the fencing

Additional enquires would also be made with the Village Hall Committee and the Parish Council’s insurers and the proposals would be added to the next agenda for further consideration.

2. Autumn Parish Conference
It was resolved that the Chair would endeavour to attend.

9. Planning

1. 18/01850/CU: Syndicate Centre, Chateau Impney Hotel, Impney, Droitwich Spa. Change of use (current use unknown), to B1, Business Services and A2, Financial Services.
It was resolved that the Parish Council were in support of the application.

2. 18/01768/FUL: Rectory Farm, Dodderhill Common, Hanbury, Bromsgrove, B60 4AT. Replacement of an Agricultural Building with a Single Dwellinghouse.
It was resolved to object to the application as it was felt that this was unnecessary development of the green belt.

10. Parish matters for discussion/decision

1. Firework night
Arrangements and funding for the proposed community event were considered.

It was resolved that the Parish Council would apply for the required Temporary Events Notice to allow the selling of alcohol from the village hall.

The Parish Council’s insurers would be contacted to confirm that adequate cover was in place and to notify them of the event. It was noted that the fireworks provider and School PTA are both insured and St John’s Ambulance would be in attendance.

2. Youth Club
Attendance reports from the Youth Club were considered. It was felt that attendance was very low and it was not proving cost effective. There was the possibility that some events had been cancelled and these were not deducted from the invoice, in particular it was known that on the 20th July 2018 the hall was booked by another party. It was agreed to ask for further clarification from the YMCA on what the issues were and what could be done to improve attendance.

3. Village Hall car park
Arrangements for snow/ice clearance were considered. It was resolved that, for the next winter, the car park barrier would be closed should the car park become unsafe. It was resolved to add this to a future agenda (2019) for further consideration.

It was resolved to publicise the reasons for the car park barrier closure (to allow for the playing field construction work).

4. Lengthsman
It was resolved to ask the Lengthsman to confirm when he would attend to the hedges and verge at the Stoke Road access onto the playing field as visibility was deteriorating.

5. Public Rights of Way
No issues were reported.

6. Clerk’s overtime
It was resolved to authorise payment for 20 additional hours undertaken by the Clerk for work on S106 projects and contracts.

11. Working Group reports

1. Allotments Working Group
An update was received from the working group. It was noted that £50.00 had been received for key deposits. The following recommendations were considered:
• It was resolved to purchase an additional six keys for the allotment padlock.
• It was resolved to number the allotments on site by a suitable means (wooden signs or painted stones).
• It was resolved to continue to provide allotment plots at a reduced rate (or free) for the first year if their condition necessitated additional clearance work.
• It was resolved to approve the use of 1/3 sized allotments at £10 per annum and to advertise their availability.
• It was resolved to approve a change of name to Wychbold Community Allotments.
• It was resolved to approve the purchase of additional information signs for the allotments.

The following recommendations would be considered when setting the budget at the November meeting of the Parish Council:
• Winter access and surface improvements
• Allotment security
• Notice boards

A smartwater marking event would be held on Sunday 14th October to allow the security tagging of tools and equipment. The event would start at 10:30AM for allotment holders and 11:30AM for members of the public.

2. Playing Field Improvements
An update was received. It was noted that work on the new Multi-Use Games Area (phase 2) was proceeding.

The existing Multi-Use Games Area would be repurposed for the table tennis tables and quotes were being pursued for this. It was resolved that up to £2000.00 could be utilised for this element of the work if suitable S106 funding could not be identified.

12. Finance

1. Clerk’s salary and expenses – £1168.11
2. HM Revenue and Customs (PAYE) – £185.49
3. Worcestershire County Council Pension Fund – £430.58
4. Maureen Addy (Handyman) – £96.48
5. David Miles (Lengthsman) – £180.00
It was resolved to settle the above invoices and cheques were duly signed.

6. YMCA Worcestershire Ltd (youth club) – £396.00
It was resolved that the above invoice would not be settled until such time as discussions were concluded regarding Youth Club attendance.

7. Stoulton Groundcare Ltd (grass cutting) – £193.43
8. Sue Howarth (printing expenses) – £100.00
9. Wychavon District Council (bin emptying) – £74.26
It was resolved to settle the above invoices and cheques were duly signed.

10. BT Business (broadband and phone) – to note DD payment of £236.40 dated 28/09/18
The above Direct Debit payment was noted.

11. To consider and approve budget expenditure
It was resolved to approve the budget expenditure.

12. To consider and approve the bank reconciliation
It was resolved to approve the bank reconciliation.

13. Councillors’ reports and items for the next agenda
The Parish Council thanked Sue Howarth for her excellent work on the Parish Council’s inaugural newsletter. It was resolved to put a digital copy on the Parish Council’s Facebook page.

The following items were agreed for the next agenda:
• Co-option
• Neighbourhood Development Plan
• Mini Explorers Nature Nursery
• Dog fouling bins and signs
• Youth Club
• Footpath, School Road/Centurion Wood
• Bench, St Richard’s Road
• Diamond Jubilee Community Recognition Award
• CCTV camera and lighting for village hall interior
• Maintenance of trees on the allotments
• Village of Culture application
• Communications (to be a standing agenda item)
• Budget setting

14. Date of the next meeting
The next scheduled meeting is at 7:30PM Monday 5th November 2018.

The meeting closed at 22:04PM.