Minutes 04 January 2018

Meeting of the Parish Council held at 7:30PM on Thursday 4th January 2018 at Wychbold Village Hall, School Road, Wychbold, WR9 7PU


Present: Alyson Keane (Chair), Lady Anne Judge, Sean Mulvey, Adam Joynes, Mike Jones, Doug Webb (from 8:22PM).
In attendance: David Hunter-Miller (Clerk), Hugh Hamilton (District Councillor), Peter Tomlinson (County Councillor), member of the public.

1. Apologies for absence
Apologies were received from Suzanne Shinn and James Leah.

2. Declarations of interest
Nil declared.

3. Dispensations
Nil received.

4. To consider and adopt the minutes from the Parish Council meeting on the 18th December 2017.
The minutes were agreed as a true record and were signed by the Chair.

5. Progress reports:

1. Crutch Lane and Colley Pits Lane flooding
The County Council were due to jet the drains on Colley Pits Lane and would look to install further drainage in future as budgets allow.

No further update was available on the issues at Crutch Lane but Peter Tomlinson agreed to look into this.

2. Liberty Leisure noise and light pollution issues
Worcester Regulatory Services have contacted Liberty Leisure regarding the noise pollution and would monitor the noise levels.

Worcester Regulatory Services did not view the light pollution as a statutory nuisance. It was also suggested that planning permission was not required for the blue lights.

A flooding/drainage problem arising from this location was reported.

3. Chequers Lane / A38 junction
The County Council had been approached over an incorrect sign on Chequers Lane and this would be replaced.

4. Youth Club
It was agreed to arrange an informal meeting with the YMCA to review the arrangements for the Youth Club.

6. Open Session:

The meeting was adjourned for public question time.

1. To receive a report by the District Councillor
Hugh Hamilton provided an update on various planning matters.

Concerns were reported relating to the Highways England storage yard and Hugh Hamilton agreed to look into this.

2. To receive a report by the County Councillor
A new Chief Executive had been appointed at Worcestershire County Council.

Peter Tomlinson would contact Highways England again regarding the traffic light issues at the M5/A38 traffic island.

It was noted that Nigel Huddleston MP had provided a response to the lack of prior notice for the Highways England drop in session.

Worcestershire CALC had arranged a meeting to discuss the future of the Birmingham Velo.

3. To receive a report by the Police
The Clerk circulated a report.

4. Public participation
A member of the public thanked the council for help in resolving issues with illegal signage.

There were further reports of wheelie bins being left on the footway following bin collections; Hugh Hamilton agreed to raise this with the District Council.

Footways obstructed by parked vehicles were still causing problems, it was noted that the Police Safer Neighbourhood Officer would be attending a future meeting and the issue would be raised accordingly. Peter Tomlinson offered to fund notices to place on inappropriately parked vehicles.

The Chequers Lane junction was very narrow causing vehicles to mount the kerb. Concerns were raised at the proximity of the pedestrian crossing to the Chequers Lane junction and incorrectly marked right turn bays.

The meeting resumed following public question time.

7. Pedestrian dropped kerbs
The Parish Council had received a request for a dropped kerb at School Road. It was noted that this land was owned by Fortis Living and the request would be raised with them for consideration.

8. Planning:

1. Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP)
Hugh Hamilton provided an overview of the NDP process.

It was agreed to pursue a Neighbourhood Development Plan and a Steering Group would be set up to foster development. Doug Webb and James Leah had agreed to sit on the Steering Group and Lady Anne Judge would be interim Chair.

It was agreed that the neighbourhood area would align with the parish boundary and formal designation of this would be pursued with Wychavon District Council.

Andy Ford (Wychavon District Council) would be invited to the March meeting of the Parish Council.

9. Co-option
It was confirmed that there were three vacancies on the Parish Council; no applications had been received.

10. Diamond Jubilee Community Recognition Awards
Nominations were considered and approved.

11. Social Media
A social media policy was considered and adopted and this would be revised further at the February meeting.

12. Training
The Clerk would circulate a list of training courses for 2018.

13. Gritting
It was noted that the grit bin on Amphlett Way was the Parish Council’s responsibility and it was confirmed that an order for refilling had been placed.

Gritting arrangements were considered for the village hall car park, further enquiries would be made with gritting/snow clearance contractors.

14. CCTV
It was agreed that the Parish Council would fund the installation of an additional CCTV camera at the village hall.

15. Tree / vegetation clearance
Some of the trees around the playing fields were very low and it was agreed that the canopies should be raised. Quotes would be pursued for consideration at a future meeting.

16. Lengthsman
No specific issues were raised.

17. Public Rights of Way
It was agreed to add a link to the Parish Council’s website to the County Council’s Rights of Way mapping.

18. Village Hall Committee
A new cleaner had been appointed for the village hall.

The new website was completed and was now live.

Quotes were being pursued to permanently divide the hall to increase potential revenue.

It was agreed that the Parish Council would pay for new external door locks at the village hall.

19. Playing Field Improvements
No update was available.

20. Finance:

1. Clerk’s salary and expenses – £1067.05
2. HM Revenue and Customs (PAYE) – £85.67
3. United Parish of Stoke Prior, W and UW (magazine) – £75.00
4. Maureen Addy (caretaker) – £100.00
5. Maureen Addy (handyman) – £96.98
6. Martin Hill (inspections) – £40.00
The above payments were agreed and cheques duly signed.

7. British Gas (village hall electricity) – £33.45
The above payment was disputed and would not be paid.

8. Access & Vision (Midlands) Ltd (CCTV maintenance) – £108.00
The above payment was agreed and a cheque duly signed.

9. Hallmaster Ltd (village hall) – £180.00
The above payment had been settled previously and would not be paid.

10. First Fence Limited (village hall) – £4187.86
The above payment was agreed and a cheque duly signed.

11. To Note Direct Debit payment to BT for broadband provision – £132.76
The above direct debit payment was noted.

12. To review budget expenditure for 2017/18.
The Parish Council’s budget expenditure was reviewed and approved.

13. To confirm register of land, buildings and assets.
It was agreed to defer this to a future agenda.

21. Councillors’ reports and items for the next agenda
The following items were agreed for the next agenda:
• Plan for the year ahead
• Register of land, buildings and assets
• Police attendance
• Social media policy
• Air Quality Management presentation and Q&A

22. Date of the next meeting
The next scheduled meeting of the Parish Council would be at 7:30PM on Monday 5th February 2018.

The meeting closed at 9:55PM.