Minutes 02 October 2017

Meeting of the Parish Council held at 7:30PM on Monday 2nd October 2017 at Wychbold Community Centre, School Road, Wychbold, WR9 7PU


Present: Alyson Keane from 19:40PM (Chair), Suzanne Shinn, Mike Jones, Sean Mulvey, Lady Anne Judge, Joanne Lammas, Doug Webb, James Leah
In attendance: David Hunter-Miller (Clerk), Hugh Hamilton (District Councillor), members of the public

In the absence of a Chairman, Mike Jones was elected as interim Chair.

1. Apologies for absence
Apologies were received from Adam Joynes.

2. Declarations of interest
Nil declared.

3. Dispensations
Nil received.

4. To consider and adopt the minutes from the Parish Council meeting on the 4th September 2017.
The minutes were agreed as a true record and signed by Mike Jones as interim Chair.

5. Progress reports:

1. Grass management schedule
No update was available, it was agreed to follow up with Peter Tomlinson (County Councillor).

2. Lighting column replacement, St Richards Close
It was confirmed that the lighting column would be replaced and the Clerk was awaiting an invoice from Worcestershire County Council.

3. Oak trees, playing field
The Clerk confirmed that the three large trees on the playing field had been inspected and that no safety issues had been identified.

4. A38 traffic concerns
Peter Tomlinson had provided a written update regarding motorway diversion routes and the traffic lights at junction 5.

The Council felt that no improvement had been made with the traffic lights, and this would be raised again with Peter Tomlinson (County Councillor).

5. CCTV policy
The Clerk provided an update and confirmed that enquiries with Wychavon District Council were ongoing.

6. Open Session:

1. To receive a report by the District Councillor
Hugh Hamilton had been liaising with Nigel Huddleston MP regarding the traffic issues on the A38.

An update was given on air pollution, it was hoped that further information would be available at the next meeting.

‘Wellbeing Week’ is on 9th to 15th of October 2017, further details on the Wychavon District Council website.

2. To receive a report by the County Councillor
Peter Tomlinson had provided a short written report.

3. Public participation
A member of the public raised a concern regarding the traffic light phasing at junction 5 which was considered unacceptable. Also, signage for roadworks was considered very poor and some signs had been left out following completion of the work. A query was raised regarding the tree replacement work on the M5 and it was confirmed that all of the replacements had been installed. Concern was raised at the number of cars parking on footways through the village and it was hoped that the Police could regularly attend to review this. The Chequers Lane / Crown Lane crossroads were considered dangerous because of its close proximity to the pedestrian crossing. A brown tourist sign for Liberty Fitness had appeared near the slip road for M5 South and it was queried whether this had approval. An issue was raised regarding bin collections, where wheelie bins had been left in the middle of the driveways obstructing access; Hugh Hamilton agreed to look into this.

A member of the public raised a concern regarding obstructive parking across private driveways. A query was raised regarding the proposed 30mph speed limit through Wychbold and why the County Council needed 18 months to progress this. Concern was also raised at air pollution through the village.

A member of the public echoed concerns regarding the A38 traffic issues and confirmed that leaflets had been circulated, urging people to write to their political representatives.

7. Co-option
It was confirmed that there were currently three vacancies on the Parish Council and no applications had been received. The Clerk would circulate an advert for the vacancies.

8. Planning:

1. 17/01192/HP – Mill Cottage, Impney, Droitwich Spa, WR9 0BL. Proposed two storey extensions.
No objections were raised by the Council.

2. 17/01816/HP – Rivendell, Chapel Mews, Wychbold, WR9 7PD. Proposed Ground and First Floor side Extension.
No objections were raised by the Council.

9. Lengthsman
Neighbouring Parish Councils had been contacted to understand how the scheme was operated in different areas. It was agreed to continue with the current contractual arrangements, with the Lengthsman undertaking work arising from his inspections and adding to this with work identified at Council meetings. It was agreed to invite the Lengthsman to a future meeting of the Council to talk through the scheme.

The Lengthsman would be asked to attend to a fallen tree on Crown Lane (between Wychbold Farm and the motorway bridge) that was narrowing the road.

10. Public Rights of Way
A written report had been provided by the Parish Paths Warden.

It was noted that the Parish Council already owned a strimmer.

11. Remembrance Day
It was agreed that Aly Keane would take the wreath to the Church on remembrance Sunday; Sean Mulvey may be able to do this if Aly Keane was not available.

12. Allotments
A contract document was agreed by the Parish Council. The Clerk would revise the terms relating to livestock/animals and the signing arrangements.

It was agreed to set up a working group for allotments, Sean Mulvey would take the lead on this.

13. Social media
It was agreed to pursue a Social Media policy, to be developed over the coming months.

14. IT and software
It was agreed to pursue an IT policy, to be developed over the coming months.

15. Neighbourhood Development Plan
Lady Anne Judge provided an update on the Neighbourhood Development Plan process and the planning pressures facing Dodderhill Parish Council. It was agreed to invite Andy Ford, Wychavon Planner, to a future meeting to give a presentation. Progression of an NDP would be deferred until 2018.

16. Village Hall Committee.
An update was provided on the activities of the Village Hall Committee.

It was agreed to donate £2100.00 to the Village Hall Committee for the redesign of the village hall.

17. Playing Field Improvements
It was confirmed that the next meeting of the Steering Group would be 7:00PM Tuesday 10th October 2017. There was a follow up meeting with Wychavon District Council at 4:45PM Thursday 12th October 2017. The next localism panel was at 10:00AM Monday 30th October 2017.

18. Finance:

1. Clerks salary and expenses – £1002.88
2. HMRC PAYE – £32.23
3. Stoulton Groundcare (grass cutting June) – £325.08
4. Stoulton Groundcare (grass cutting July) – £325.08
5. B Clean Services (village hall cleaning) – £144.00
6. David Miles (Lengthsman) – £180.00
7. Maureen Addy (caretaker) – £100.00
8. Maureen Addy (handyman) – £85.00
9. Adam Joynes (village hall mobile phone) – £14.99
10. Grant Thornton (audit fees) – £360.00
11. Information Commissioner (registration) – £35.00
12. Wychavon DC (litter bin) – £616.98
13. Npower (gas supply) – £76.98
14. To note Direct Debit payment to BT (broadband services) – £98.00
All of the above payments were agreed and cheques duly signed.

15. To consider using Direct Debit for the Village Hall gas supply (Npower)
The Council agreed to set up a Direct Debit for future payments.

16. To consider the External Auditor’s report
The comments of the External Auditor were noted.

17. To consider the Clerk’s salary following completion of CiLCA
A resolution was passed to exclude members of the public due to the confidential nature of this item.

The Council reviewed the Clerk’s salary and agreed an increase to salary scale point 28 (NJC 2017) with immediate effect.

19. Councillors’ reports and Items for the next agenda
The following items were agreed for the next agenda:
• Village Hall redesign

20. Date of the next meeting
The next meeting would be 7:30PM on 6th November 2017.