Village Hall and Open Space Funding Update


Village Hall and Open Space Funding Update

By now or in the next few days you will receive a pack containing details of the new and exciting plans the Parish Council have to give the community a Village Hall to serve the whole of the community in the future and to further improve the open space areas.

The pack contains a questionnaire/survey that can either be returned by post or by hand or completed online.

The “QR” code in the top right hand corner of the survey form gives the online address or you can manually enter it in your browser of choice as per below.


On the Open Space Area Project we have also taken feedback from issues raised by the Allotment Working Group and also the young people within the community who talked passionately about their desire for a “Pump Track” at a recent council meeting.


In relation to the Village Hall project, the application needs to show the need for the community to have a Village Hall fit for the 21st century that enables and supports revenue generation and usage opportunities that a new vibrant Village Hall will bring for the benefit of the whole community.


Other supporting factors such as the issue of toilet facility access for the recreation ground also align with the concerns raised by the Village Hall Committee and therefore are at the heart of the plans for the new Village Hall.

The Parish Council reiterate our standing that we are open to work with all to deliver this vision.

Please take your time to read the booklets and give your feedback via the survey.

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