Wychavon Village of Culture 2019 – Dodderhill Parish!

We’ve only gone and won the Wychavon Village of Culture 2019! 

The Parish Council put forward some ideas to Wychavon DC based on the criteria to “encourage the use of culture as a catalyst for change”. In brief, the Parish Council will have £5000 and now need to:
1. Form a committee to oversee the spending of the money;
2. Produce an application process for community groups to apply for funding;
3. Provide Wychavon DC with a project portfolio for the whole year prior to them releasing the money;
4. Include the history of the BBC towers within the programme;
5. Recognise that this is a tool to get projects up and running within Dodderhill parish, not just Wychbold;
6. Ensure any project has the capability of reaching and engaging with the whole community.
The next steps will be discussed at the next meeting of the Parish Council on 4th March 2019.
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