Dodderhill Parish Council

The parish council usually meet at 7:30PM on the 2nd Tuesday of every month at Wychbold Village Hall (NB please check the time on the Agenda for the meeting you wish to attend).  Everyone is welcome to attend and listen to the proceedings.  There is a public open session at each meeting to allow members of the public to question the council and this is followed by formal council business.

There are thirteen voluntary councillors and one professional Parish Clerk.  If a vacancy occurs on the council then it is normally advertised via the notice boards, website and magazine.  If you would like to join and help build our community please come along to a meeting or contact the Parish Clerk for further details.

What does Dodderhill Parish Council do?

Dodderhill Parish Council is a small local authority that represents the first level of local government.  As it is the authority closest to the people, parish councils are invariably the first place people will go with concerns or ideas and for this reason they are a vital part of any community.

Parish councils have a wide range of powers, duties and responsibilities which are essentially related to local matters.  Here are just some of Dodderhill Parish Council’s responsibilities:

  • Owns and maintains the playing fields and open space around Wychbold Village Hall, including the children’s play area and multi-use games court.
  • Owns Wychbold Village Hall which is now separately managed as a charitable incorporated organisation (CIO)
  • Provides and maintains the bus shelters and litter/dog waste bins.
  • Employs a Lengthsman, as part of the County Council Lengthsman Scheme, to carry out extra maintenance around the village.  This may include the cleaning of signs, clearing of drains and removal of vegetation from public areas and footpaths.
  • Comments on all planning applications in the parish as notified by the Planning Authority, Wychavon District Council (WDC). WDC makes the final decision based on planning rules and regulations and takes our views into account.

Where do Parish Councils get their funding?

  1. Each year the council raises a ‘precept’ on council tax payers to cover the cost of running expenses.
  2. By applying for project-specific grants (for example Lottery funding, Lengthsman Scheme, Local Authority grants).
  3. Via the levy imposed on some types of building development (known as Section 106 funding).  This money can only be spent on specific projects as set out in each planning agreement.